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theoriginalgooniea.k.a. Andy, this true Goonie recently sat down for an exclusive video interview with Ke Huy Quan.

The Goonies Press Kit

The Goonies Press Kit

A press kit is a packaged set of promotional materials, often containing photographs and/or background information, that is distributed to the press prior to the release of a motion picture.  The pages in this section represent an electronic reproduction of the press kit distributed to the press by Warner Bros. prior to the June 7, 1985 theatrical release of The Goonies.
NOTE: All content has been reproduced exactly as it appeared in the original printed press kit.  As a result, the pages in this section may contain typographical mistakes and factual inaccuracies that existed in the original press kit.  For historical purposes, these errors have been left intact in this reproduction.  Additionally, any references to the Emmy® Awards, Academy Awards® and Oscar® are preserved from the original press kit materials and, as a result, may not be accompanied by their respective registered trademark symbols.


  1. Introducing "The Goonies"
  2. Production Information
  3. Biographical Feature – Sean Astin
  4. Biographical Feature – Josh Brolin
  5. Biographical Feature – Jeff B. Cohen
  6. Biographical Feature – Corey Feldman
  7. Biographical Feature – Kerri Green
  8. Biographical Feature – Ke Huy-Quan
  9. Biographical Feature – John Matuszak
  10. Biographical Feature – Martha Plimpton
  11. Biographical Feature – Richard Donner
  12. Biographical Feature – Harvey Bernhard
  13. B/W Publicity Still Gallery
  14. B/W Publicity Still Captions
  15. B/W Publicity Still Captions – Corrections

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